Dog Lessons for People Ceramic Tile 6 inches.

Dog Lessons for People Ceramic Tile 6 inches.



Dog Lessons for People Ceramic Tile 6 inches.

“Enjoy The Simple Pleasure Of A Walk
Run And Play Daily
Be Loyal, Faithful, And Quick To Forgive
Always Drink Plenty Of Water
Sometimes It Is Best To Sit Close And Listen
Follow Your Instincts
Keep Digging Until You Find What You Want
Avoid Biting When A Growl Will Do
Accept All Of Life’s Treats With Gratitude
Love Unconditionally?”

This tile makes the perfect gift or addition to your own home decor, and the size makes it easy to display in nearly any location.

At the moment, our tiles don’t come with a display stand. That may change in the future.

Each 6″ x 6″ ceramic tile is unique, and the design is laser engraved into the tile and hand-painted with Stone Color Fill, allowing for both indoor and outdoor display.
••• Even though our paint is able to resist the weather and outdoors, internal tests have concluded that it has a fifty-percent chance of working, so please use it outdoors at your own risk. •••

Weight 13.3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in

Light & Dark Brown, White & Dark Brown


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