Photo Rectangle Wood Slice. Great for Anniversary, wedding, memorial etchings.

Photo Rectangle Wood Slice. Great for Anniversary, wedding, memorial etchings.



Photo Rectangle Wood Slice. Great for Anniversary, wedding, memorial etchings.

Are you looking for the perfect way to display your family portrait photo? Do you want something a little different than everybody else has, something that will set you apart from everybody else?

This Photo Engraved Wood Tree Slice is just the thing.

Surprise and delight your loved one on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday, weddings, anniversary, Christmas or any other time of year with this custom engraved family photo. Your family or personal portrait will be laser engraved with precision detail from our state of the art laser engraver. Others won’t believe the detail that is achieved from a photo. Once you see it, you want to touch it and can’t stop talking about it.

Every wood tree slice is different and unique, making yours truly one of a kind. Even when ordering two slices of the same photo, each one will have its own unique characteristic.

Some slices may have unique shapes. This is a natural result of engraving on a natural product. You will see the beauty of the tree rings and grain of the wood come through. Each piece is selected to achieve the best result possible with the photo that is sent in. However, since the tree slice is a natural product, those spots may sometimes land in unique places on the photo, such as on someone’s face.

Rustic Basswood Engraved Photo with display stand

The Large size is displayed in the pictures


  • Medium: 9″ x 12″ (great for desks)
  • Large: 11″ x 16″ & 12.5″ x 16″ (Best display option for tables / end tables / banisters )


  1. Send us your photo. Through E-mail @ [email protected]. • We will let you know if the photo will work or not •
  2. Order the tree slice through this listing page.
  3. We’ll take it from there! We will update you on the progress of the engraving and let you know when it ships!

Each etched photo memorial plaque is made to order

Photo Tips:

  • Please send the highest resolution photo you have available. Always choose the largest size/resolution when sending your photos.
  • Laser engraved photos on wood are not in color, even if you provide a color photo. We elegantly turn your provided photo into a wonderful black and white photo that the laser will etch into the wood. Your photo will appear similar to vintage “sepia” photos.
  • Note that you will see the grain of the wood; wood is a natural product, with natural imperfections and color variations.
  • What to avoid: Very light, very dark, blurry or pixelated photos.
  • Please contact us with any questions about your photo at [email protected]
  • If we have any questions or concerns about your photo or layout, we will contact you ASAP.
  • We cannot complete the processing of your order until any questions have been resolved.


Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 19 × 12.5 × 2 in

Medium, Large


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